Club Splash Party & Raffle Draw tonight @Central Park

5:00pm -7:00pm

  • Please bring your ticket stubs to Central Park pool before 5:50pm. The draw will take place at 6:00pm sharp! If you cannot make the splash party deliver your ticket stubs to your pool this week and give them to an executive - NO STAPLES PLEASE! when handing in your tickets please make sure they are separated and ready to be placed in the draw.
  • The kids will have time in the water to splash around with their coaches and friends.
  • There will be a concession with hotdogs and treats for sale. All food will be sold at a nominal price. Thank-you to the MacPherson families who have volunteered to help with set-up and concession for this event.
  • We will also be asking everyone to bring fruit, chips, snacks and dessert to share! If you bring food items you will receive an hour for volunteer work.
  • TEAM GEAR will be available for purchase at the Splash Party! CASH or CHEQUE will be accepted.

Swim Practice Updates

Today's afternoon practices for ALL groups at Kensington and Macpherson are cancelled so everyone can attend the Splash party @ Central Park.

Junior Team Building Practice- Tomorrow July 11 @ MacPherson 7:30 - 9 AM

  • All juniors from both pools will practice together @ MacPherson 7:30am - 9am

There isno practice on Tuesday July 11 for all Jr. Prep swimmers due to the Mantas Development meet.

Junior/ Intermediate Laser Tag - Next Wednesday July 19th at 3pm

  • Come join Coach Adrian and the other juniors and intermediates for a Laser Tag and popsicles. We need 25 committed participants to make this event happen. Cost per person will be $15. Please let us know if you need a ride or if your family is able to help car pool kids from Kensington or Macpherson to the Laser Tag venue. RSVP Coach Adrian @adrianvanderhelm@gmail.comby Friday July 14th.

Mantas Meet Warm-up Times

When: Tuesday July 11
Where: Simon Fraser University Pool
Warm-up:Lane4 3:40 to 4:20

Parking is available at designated Visitor Parking. At any parking meters in the West Parkade there will be a special parking rate for the event. At a meter select the option "Event Rate". When prompted for a Coupon Code, enter the code "280" then press "Enter". A discounted parking rate of $3.25 will be offered and valid until midnight, July 11, 2017. Display receipt of dashboard. For a map of SFU, please refer to You would be looking to park in the area highlighted in yellow as 'Visitor Parkade'.

Please bring your own snacks and dinner. Food is sold on campus but there will be no pool-side concession.

No programs will be sold, however heat sheets will be posted glass wall at the spectators area and one outside of the marshalling area. Spectators are asked to watch from the spectator area on the second floor, in the stands. The weather forecast appears to be favourable so a Barracudas team canopy will be set-up on the grassy space to the East of the pool. Look for the Cudas club flags.

Volunteer duties - Timer and Officials sign-up sheets will be posted neat the marshalling are. There will be two volunteer shifts: 430-7pm and 7pm to end. To keep the meet running on time without delays, all volunteers are asked to report for their timing lane or officials post at the start of the shift. all volunteers must remain until the end of their shift - yes, even if your swimmer(s) are done. Cudas have been assigned lane 6 for timing. We therefore need 6 timers required. Stroke and turn officials are also required for both shifts. Officials meeting is at 4pm.

A meal will be served to volunteer timers and officials. No food is permitted on the pool deck so a meal ticket will be provided to the volunteers to collect at the designated eating areas. First shift volunteers will eat after their shift at 7pm. Second shift volunteers will eat prior to their shift at 6:30pm.

Water Polo Update

Wednesday July 12, U12 & U14 SPLASH In The PARK Tournament @ Central Park - Go Cudas Go!!

Diving Reminder

2nd Diving Practice this Friday July 14th @ MacPherson from 7:15 until 8:30pm - come try diving with Coach Amanda