Hello Parents,

The entire Executive Team would like to send out a HUGE thank-you to all the volunteers, coaches, swimmers, sponsors and donors who made our Development meet and Grand Prix such a success this past weekend. This important event simply would not happen without the time, work and dedication of the volunteers. We were complimented by many different clubs for running a smooth meet - so everyone's efforts reflected the club well - good job!

We would especially like to acknowledge the parents who trained in speciality areas such as Stroke and Turn, Colorado and Electronics, Announcing, Clerking and Marshalling. These areas are essential to having the meet run well. It was amazing to see all eight lanes with a S&T official all thanks to the efforts of Heather Stein and Karen Chiang who coordinated the shadowing shifts and mentored throughout the event.

Our Equipment Director Robert Yeo, would like to give a shout out to all the people who helped with the set-up and tear down. This is a huge job so Robert really appreciated the support.

Special thanks to Eileen Lau who managed our concession and printed our programs and to Suzanne Sachinidis who coordinated Deck Food and arranged food donations from numerous food and beverage providers.

Michelle Quan did an absolutely amazing job as Meet Manager. It is hard to believe it was her first time running a meet - she made it look easy - well done Michelle!

As usual, Tomoko and Duncan Wong were working quietly in the background making sure nothing was forgotten, answering questions and ensuring that the Clerk of Course ran like a well-oiled machine. Laura Marquez, our past President, found great sponsors who provided super prizes for the bell races.

Lastly, we say a fond farewell to Vaclav Vincelek, our former club President and long serving Chief Meet Recorder. This was Vaclav's last meet after more than 10 years with the club. Thank-you Vaclav for your humour, talent and endless hours running our club and building it up for the future. We will miss you.

Natalia Loginova will take over from Vaclav as Chief Meet Recorder. The club is truly lucky to have Natalia accept this very important role.

We had great support from the clubs in our region who attended our meet. Let's remember to return the favour and to sign up for timing and officiating shifts when we attend their meets.

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday June 7th Technical Clinic @ Macpherson with Coach Adrian from 6:45pm to 8pm

To register, please email Coach Adrian atadrianvanderhelm@gmail.comThere are a few spots left.

  • PoCo Marlins Development Meet

June 16th, 2017

Warm-up is at 4pm
Location: Centennial Pool, Port Coquitlam

Contact Gabriella a tbur_jrprep1@hotmail.combyThursday June 8thevening to register

  • PoCo Marlins Meet

June 16th & 17th, 2017

Deadline to sign-up will beThursday June 8th. Look for the sign-up sheets on the Barracudas boards.

Water Polo Update
  • Barracudas U12/ 14 tournament @ Central Park

The Barracudas Executive Team