Online Meet Sign-up Form 

Hello Cudas families,

As promised, we are now ready to launch our new on-line meet sign-up process for the remainder of the season.

  • Once you sign-up you will receive a confirmation email
The link below will take to you a google sign-up document. Follow the simple instructions within the document. Please complete one form for each athlete and select the meet you wish to attend. You will receive a submission confirmation.The link will be posted and will remain on the club's home page.

  • Corrections can be made up to 2 days after the Meet deadline
Please be mindful of the sign-up deadlines listed per meet event. Deadlines for meet sign-ups will be Wednesdays (10 days prior to the meet selected). Meet entries will be posted at the pools the following day. Families are encouraged to check the entries and advise the head coach of any necessary changes by that Friday (two days later). This will be the only opportunity to make corrections.

  • There will be a charge for deck entries 
Many meets do not allow late entries period. While some meets do allow deck entries, this costs extra. Families that miss the Barracudas' deadline for meet sign-up but still wish to make a late entry or deck entry for the meet will have to pay the deck entry fee to the Barracudas prior to attending the meet.

  • Sign-up early but remember to make changes prior to the deadline

Families are encouraged to submit the sign-up form for the meet with the current deadline to avoid the potential for errors. There is also the option to sign-up early for future meets. However, if families do sign-up early and need to make changes, the onus is on the family to remember the meet deadline to make those changes prior to the final cut-off date.

  • You will be a charged for NO SHOWS
No shows - cost the club money needlessly!! When swimmers register for meets but do not attend or make late scratches our club is still charged for those entries. This is wasted money that can be used towards equipment purchases, social events, coaching development or other club needs.

Meet sign-up for Hootenany is open and due in two days time!! Apologies for the short turn around.

Please provide any feedback on this new process to or

  • Meet Sign-up Form


Barracudas Executive Team